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Enhancing K-12 foodservice markets — one child at a time!

Hi! I’m Kern Halls.

Some call me the “genius” behind Ingenious Culinary Concepts. I think of myself as a Chief Innovator, turning empty dining halls into gold mines of student activity! We do that by seeking out and combining just the right “ingredients” to accomplish what many call impossible: getting students to “want” to dine in your cafeterias! Think of me as the MISSING LINK between the manufacturer and the end user: “The Students”.

Indeed that’s no easy task. But when you have the magic formula, stir it frequently with MARKETING innovations and season it with a keen understanding of what kids want … well, the outcome is just what you were looking for: school cafeterias filled with enthusiastic diners eating meals they love … that meet predetermined school food-service and nutrition guidelines!

We generate student excitement by applying innovative MARKETING techniques and products in the marketplace and replicating them in school cafeterias. The result: enticing menu items and services that students crave. Which makes parents rave! While school systems save!

That’s what Ingenious Culinary Concepts is all about … and why you should join us in our quest to make food fun and create new choices that are both delicious and nutritious – so everyone wins!

I look forward to working with you!




Kern Halls


Chief Innovator


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