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Skyrocket revenue by getting students to WANT to eat at your cafeteria

  • How would you like to…
  • Skyrocket sales by 300%?
  • Increase participation by 46%?
  • Drive $1.7 million in a la carte sales with new menu options?
  • Boost cafeteria popularity to an all-time high?
  • Develop a menu full of items students really want?
  • Improve your marketing to get kids excited about lunchtime?
  • Create a cafeteria experience your students LOVE?

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The missed opportunity in school cafeterias

From kindergarten to high school, your students know what they like…and unfortunately, they can’t get it at most school cafeterias.

As a result, millions of students around the country would rather pack their own lunches than eat at the school cafeteria.

It isn’t just the food, although that’s a big part of it (especially if you’re still serving chicken patties, fish sticks, or sloppy joes). It’s the whole experience, from how long students wait in line to the attitude of your staff to the packaging the food comes in.

You see, just like a restaurant, your cafeteria delivers an experience. And if your cafeteria is like most other school cafeterias, that experience is dull, bland, and–here it comes–very uncool.

How to make school cafeteria food cool & exciting

food we like

To get kids motivated and eager to return to your cafeteria every day at lunchtime, your cafeteria needs more than great food–it also has to be cool and exciting.

So how do you do that without raising costs and while still adhering to food service and nutrition guidelines?

That’s where we come in. Think of us as your cafeteria consultants. We make your cafeteria a cool & exciting place where students want to eat.

Here’s how we do it

menu items
Revamp your menu

With surveys, tastings, and focus groups to develop a menu of items your students actually want

food we like
Improve your dining experience

By observing and optimizing your cafeteria flow, and using creative packaging to appeal to student psychology

Train your staff

Through professional development that will help your staff better interact with students

What kind of results can you expect?

Take a look at some of the results we’ve already achieved with school cafeterias just like yours around the country:

  • Generated over $400,000 in revenue and increased participation by 20%, all by creating an upscale portable meal concept for secondary students (allowing students to more easily chat with their peers)
  • Drove $1.7 million in revenue from a la carte sales
  • Achieved a 46% increase in high school meal participation over three years
  • Skyrocketed sales by 300% by combining previously unpopular foods to create popularr new options
  • Increased free lunch participation by more than 30% over three yerars using focus groups to create new menus
  • Develop a menu full of items students really want?
  • Boosted breakfast cart sales and popularity to an all-time high by providing access to them in parking lots, bus areas, and front entrances
  • Used our connections to get the Orlando Magic professional basketball team to adorn a cafeteria, promoting the advantages of eating at school

How much do we cost?

How much we cost will depend on your unique situation and which of our services you decide to pursue.

Keep in mind that because we’re the most experienced “cafeteria consultants” in the industry, we’re in high demand from school districts around the entire United States–and that means our rates aren’t cheap.

But here’s the good news.

When you compare the cost you pay to the value you receive, you’ll find that we’re actually a great investment…because our services usually pay for themselves within a few short months.

Because when your cafeteria makes more sales, that’s a revenue source that recurs five days a week, every week.

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