Support Visits

  • Could your PARTICIPATION use a little BOOST?
  • Do you need a “FRESH PAIR OF EYES” to take your program to the NEXT LEVEL?
  • Is MARKETING an area in which you could use some ADDITIONAL SUPPORT?

If you answer “Yes” to ANY of these questions… Your district can benefit from a “Support Visit”

What are “Support Visits”?

Ingenious Culinary Concepts (ICC) offers school districts foodservice support, side-by-side coaching and consultation services from an experienced school foodservice practitioner with a proven track record of supporting districts (nationwide and internationally) to increase student meal consumption and participation.


How long does this process take?

District “Support Visits” are completed in 2 days. ICC’s recommendations may include (but are not limited to), customized follow-up support in the form of: conference calls, emails, video-conferences. For an added, discounted fee, additional district/school visits and/or customized professional development may be recommended and delivered by ICC.


What does this service entail?

This 2 day process involves key district stakeholders at every stage. Services begin with a collaborative review of district FNS goals and baseline data. The next steps, involve determining areas of focus followed by school visits and data gathering. Student focus groups will be conducted at this second stage. The final step involves, recommendations provided by ICC (aimed at improving foodservice efforts and building district FNS capacity).

  • before
  • after

How much does this service cost?

District “Support Visit” services are a minimal investment in your FNS operation. Let’s discuss your needs and I’ll provide a quote. No worries, I’ve been in your shoes.


How do I get started?

Call or email to express your interest…
Phone: (888) 994-3476 Email: [email protected]