Students Live in a Digital Marketing World—From Kindergarten to Higher Education


One of the most effective ways to reach and engage with students to grow your school lunch and breakfast programs is through digital platforms.

In fact, Pew Research Center found in 2015 that 88% of American teens ages 13 to 17 have or have access to a mobile phone of some kind, and a majority of teens (73%) have smartphones.

That means you can reach the majority of your students through what’s already in their hands.

Websites, social media, online advertising, email, monthly newsletters, texting, and the list goes on and on.

What is the right digital marketing solution for your school district? And, the bigger question, who will manage all of it?

Ingenious Culinary Concepts understands the digital landscape.

Whether you need a simple school website re-design, a branding strategy, or a complete, done-for-you digital marketing solution for your school, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.

Website Services

With a well thought out and updated website, you can keep parents, staff, and other stakeholders informed about your school nutritional program.

Your website can be a basic informative site with weekly menus all the way to functional portals with login and customized experiences for each stakeholder.

And if don’t have the staff to maintain and update your website, we’ll do it for you. We offer everything from start to finish. We’ll help you decide the best course of action based on your staff, knowledge, and budget.

We’ll guide you every step of the way to a unique digital experience that represents your school district foodservice program exactly as you want it.

  • Custom design
  • Weekly updating
  • Interactive menus
  • Monthly maintenance

Digital Marketing

From elementary to higher education in college, schools and institutions must continually market.

You must continually market for the same reason a pilot keeps his engines running once he’s off the ground. Otherwise, everything comes to halt and you crash.

The only way to keep your present level of participation and revenue is to market. And in order to take your participation to new altitudes, you must market effectively.

Unfortunately, most schools have never left the runway when it comes to digital marketing, and rightfully so. The digital marketing space is constantly expanding and changing. Many school foodservice programs we have helped were struggling.

When faced with digital marketing, most school districts struggle with:
  • Where do we start?
  • What’s the most effective way to market?
  • Should we be on social media?
  • Would a monthly newsletter be worth our time?

All great questions, but the truth is, “It depends.” Every school is different, and the best digital marketing strategy is different for each food management program.

Ingenious Culinary Concepts focuses on discovering what will work best for your particular program. We then give you next steps to implement yourself, or we execute them for you. The end result? More school breakfasts and lunches sold every day.

Ingenious Culinary Concepts can help you in any of the following ways:
  • Brand development
  • Logo design
  • Online marketing (including paid online advertising and monthly newsletters)
  • Social media account management for all platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.); social media content creation
  • SMS text messaging (to students)
  • Graphic design
  • App development
  • Product launching, product & concept testing, product sampling
  • Event marketing
  • Email campaign development & automation
  • Analytics reporting

Branding Services

The quality of your brand is reflected in the design and quality of your program’s flyers, pamphlets, guides, brochures, and other items with your foodservice logo.

We also provide high quality printing services for your school foodservice operation (from your existing “Print-Ready” designs and/or for the items we’ve developed for you).

  • Marketing collateral design
  • Printing services

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Students are more brand conscious than ever before. They eat at the same retail chains, wear the same brands of clothing, and carry the same electronic gadgets.

The key is branding your foodservice program with a branding strategy that teens will want to be a part of and encourage others to do the same.

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Web Design

Web Design

A school website is an integral part of communicating and engaging students and stakeholders in your food service program.

We can guide you to the perfect website solution for your audience. From basic to complex, we have the school website solution you need.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

School cafeterias and foodservice programs improve participation through a well-researched and implemented marketing solution.

We help you uncover the hidden digital marketing opportunities in your school foodservice program and then come alongside you to execute them for results.

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Cast a positive light on your district’s foodservice operation.


To develop your district’s foodservice operation into a full-fledged, reputable, nutritional brand, we explore multiple avenues of marketing to maximize general and targeted awareness about your district cafeterias’ product offerings and service.

What do your STUDENTS think about the products and services offered in your district? Parents? School staff? We help you improve perceptions by utilizing online digital channels to focus marketing specifically to parents, school management, and the students you are catering to.

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