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Since our inception Ingenious Culinary Concepts has placed an exceptional dining experience as the cornerstone of our success.
Using process oriented and research based methodology to wow customers; we make our brands the place where people want to dine.

Based on our noteworthy 25 plus year track record, every organization we have been a part of, thrives.
Our motto is “We will make it happen. No matter what it takes”.

The journey
of a thousand miles
begins with one step


Ingenious Culinary Concepts Chief Innovator, Kern Halls has a long and diverse track record of success in food and beverage industry.

Starting as a culinary specialist in the United States Navy, Kern finished at the top of his class earning him accelerated advancement for his rank as well as a recommendation to work at Camp David.

Kern has worked on ships that carried a range of 300 to over 3,500 servicemen. He was amassed (in civilian terms “employee of the month”) for 6 months in a row. He has cooked for dignitaries from other countries and has been awarded numerous accolades while serving his country.

Upon returning to his home state of Florida, he was employed by Walt Disney World working as a front-of-the-house manager. He was responsible for managing two separate restaurants averaging $18 million dollars in sales year annually.

In Kern’s second year at Disney he was nominated for the highest award an employee can earn, the “Partners in Excellence” award. At the time, there was a three-year tenure requirement. So, after his third year, he was nominated again and won. Kern implemented savvy business practices to increase sales and most importantly guest satisfaction.

After his successful stint at Disney, Kern then turned to school food service. He went to work for the 8th largest school district in the nation, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS). Working in the foodservice department, he brought to bear the experience he had gathered from the Navy and Disney.

As the 8th largest school system in the United States, the food and nutrition services department was responsible for feeding over 175k students daily and had a $67 million dollar budget. Serving as the training manager, he was responsible for making sure there was consistency in the food and service that the student customers received.

After only two years in this position, he was promoted to senior manager and was responsible for menu development, marketing and communications, training, product testing, supervising 23 high schools, and a twelve-person culinary/training team. In this position, he worked with the district’s office of Business Opportunity to increase MWBE and LDB contracts.

He impacted a 400% increase in MWBE/LDB business during his tenure.

Kern supervised 19 high schools, before the district grew to 23. Of the initial 19 schools he inherited, 18 were in a deficit and the entire program was 6 million dollars in the hole. After three years of a lot of hard work, 22 of 23 high schools were profitable and increased business for these schools by 46%. As a result, the department (as a whole) was no longer in a deficit.

Highlights of Kern’s accomplishments


Ingenious Culinary Concepts

  • Implemented the first food truck (in the K-12 segment nationwide) giving students additional access to meals.
  • Pioneered the food show concept that is still being replicated today in school districts across the nation.
  • Has won numerous USDA, and Innovation awards.
  • Worked on the national “Let’s Move” initiative spearheaded by former First Lady, Michelle Obama.
  • Chosen to host Former First Lady, Michelle Obama for dinner in his home with his family
  • Featured in The First lady’s book “American Grown”.
  • Featured in “Michelle Obama: A Photographic Journey”.
  • Featured in over a dozen trade and industry publications and media outlets.

Orange County Public Schools (OCPS)

  • Responsible for making sure there was consistency in the food and service at the 10th largest school district in the United States.
  • Promoted to Senior Manager after two years.
  • Impacted a 400% increase in MWBE/LDB business during his tenure.
  • Overcame a 6 million dollar deficit in 3 years.
  • Increased business by 46%

United States Navy

  • Finished in the top of his class in Culinary School.
  • Earned accelerated advancement.
  • Recommended to work at Camp David
  • Earned the equivalent of employee of the month for 6 consecutive months.

Community Ties

  • Mentor students at Jones High school through the Compact program
  • Volunteers at the Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Coached Ocoee Pop warner football
  • Coached baseball at Ocoee little league

Walt Disney World

  • Received the “Partners in Excellence” award – The highest award an employee can earn.

Passenger Solutions


For over a decade, Ingenious Culinary Concepts has partnered with brands locally and nationwide to provide food with integrity. We believe in high quality, fresh, and nutritious food and beverages to fuel passengers for their journey. If you are interested in partnering opportunities, please contact us using the contact form below.




A Veteran Owned Company.

Ingenious Culinary Concepts was born out of Kern Halls exemplary service as a United States Naval culinary specialist. Bringing the same skill and determination to bear on his career in the Navy as he does to the food and beverage industry, Kern was awarded with five culinary awards while serving from 1993- 2001. He was also nominated to the White House Foodservice Staff.

Our Certifications


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

State of Florida (Office of Supplier Diversity)

Florida Veteran & Minority Business Certification

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (Florida)

ACDBE – Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DBE – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

LDB – Local Developing Business

MWBE – Minority/Women Business Enterprise

SBE – Small Business Enterprise

SDVBE – Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

MBE – Minority Business Enterprise

Orange County Business Development Division (Florida)

SDVBE – Service-Disabled Veteran Business

MBE – Minority Business Enterprise

Orange County Public Schools (Florida)

LDB – Local Developing Business

DUNS: 018390910


We are certified as an ACDBE in the follow states.




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