Increase Participation and Revenue with an Alternative Point of Sale (POS).


If your school cafeteria needs to increase participation and boost revenues providing a satellite location for school lunch or breakfast may be just what you need.

One of the most effective ways of increasing participation is through the use of mobile carts/kiosks that serve as an alternative point of sale (POS) for school foodservice programs.

One of the most common student complaints nationwide about the cafeteria dining experience is, “The lines are too long!” Even when the food is spectacular, students refuse to wait. The result? They don’t come inside to dine with us.

So, let Ingenious Culinary Concepts help you GO TO THEM with mobile carts/kiosks that serve as an alternative point of sale (POS).

We can help you set up a winning cart concept in the areas both inside and outside the cafeteria where students naturally congregate during the lunch period and for breakfast before school. Don’t miss another opportunity to serve a student breakfast or lunch due to long lines.

We introduce functional, flexible equipment.


“Grab and go” carts are custom designed and manufactured for optimal flexibility and reliable temperature control. They feature three bays with polycarbonate, roll-top lids. There are two hot wells and one cold. Hot bays accommodate 2 ½ inch deep, half-size steam pans. A Cambro Camchiller cools the cold bay. The stainless steel cart features two 16-inch wing tables and storage for four, 4-inch hotel pans. Three sides display custom graphics.

Reduce Long Lines

By offering alternative point of sale locations you reduce long lines in the cafeteria. And that’s important because it’s the number one complaint from students nationwide for school breakfast and school lunch.

Ideal for Breakfast

Providing alternative point of sale (POS) locations for breakfast allows students who ride the bus or arrive late to school the opportunity to eat a school breakfast.


Mobile carts are flexible and functional enough to serve meals or provide “Grab and go” options while keeping staff to a minimum. They also provide reliable temperature control.


Ingenious Culinary Concepts has a proven track record of increasing participation in both school breakfast and lunch using alternative point of sale strategies and equipment.

A big success for school breakfast.


We live in a fast paced world. Many students find themselves rushing to get to school every morning while their parents hurry to get ready for work.

Parents are more challenged than ever to make sure children eat a nutritious breakfast before school. The result? Students are skipping breakfast at home and at school. Yet studies show students that eat breakfast out perform the students that don’t. Better test scores, less absenteeism, less visits to the nurse and better behavior overall.

It may be difficult to serve a traditional style cafeteria school breakfast due to bus schedules, staffing or space.

By introducing an alternative point of sale such as mobile carts for breakfast you are taking breakfast to the students. This results in more students being served with a minimum amount of staff.

Benefits of school breakfast utilizing alternative POS

  • Reduces long lines in the cafeteria.
  • Reduces tardiness
  • Ideal for middle school and high school students who may not eat breakfast at home.
  • Allows students who ride the bus or arrive late to school the opportunity to eat a school breakfast.

Since it well established students that eat breakfast do better overall throughout the school day, it only makes sense to ensure every student has the opportunity to eat a school breakfast.

Benefits of serving school breakfast

  • Studies show that school breakfast reduces problems such as tardiness, suspensions, absences, stomach aches, and headaches.
  • School breakfast is also correlated with higher test scores, improved attention span and behavior and fewer visits to the nurse.

Many schools provide breakfast to all students during test week, but the benefits of school breakfast are important to students all year.

Contact Ingenious Culinary Concepts today to discover how you can increase your school breakfast and school lunch participation by going to your students with mobile carts or kiosks as an alternative point of sale (POS).

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We’ve been increasing participation and boosting revenue in school cafeterias for over ten years. When it comes to alternative point of sale (POS) and mobile solutions we’ve been implementing winning strategies all over the nation. Contact us today and take advantage of our knowledge and experience to create a winning strategy for your school cafeteria.

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