Effective leaders support the growth and improvement of their staff.


Your staff (at all levels) needs to be empowered with the right information, technology, and resources to be able to positively impact your school foodservice operations.

To ensure maximum capacity is being utilized and that your teams are performing at an optimal level, we created unique and customized training and Professional Development programs for directors, district-level coordinators, school-based managers and assistants, leads, frontline staff including cashiers and servers, and “back of the house” dishwashers and cooks.

Why? Because every member of your team plays a vital role in ensuring students have consistently pleasant cafeteria dining experiences.

Ingenious professional development courses, for all levels of school foodservice staff and industry partners, act as a quality assurance standard at every step.

From the raw ingredients supplied by vendors, to the chefs who cook them all the way to the cafeteria management, cashiers, and front-line servers, our sessions ensure capable hands at every step. The end goal of all our training programs is to make the cafeteria meal a comprehensive dining experience for your students.


A well trained staff is confident in their role. This leads to better productivity and more team spirit. Students know intuitively if your staff morale is high, or low.


Staff members that know exactly what to do need less supervision. When professional development is lacking supervisors spend more time assigning tasks.


Professional development adds value to your entire team. This makes each staff member more valuable to the organization.


A better trained team member means a more productive workforce. They are also able to give suggestions to improve processes and work flow.

A new model for learning: “Guide on the Side.”


We provide highly customized and learner-centered trainings for your staff that are on the FRONT LINE in schools throughout your district. These individuals are the FACE of school foodservice because they are in direct contact with your student customers daily.

Traditionally, presenters lecture and participants/adult learners are expected to listen (and take notes — if we’re lucky). The presenter is the central figure, the “sage on the stage,” the one who has the knowledge and transmits that knowledge to participants, who are then expected to apply the new information in their respective positions later. In this traditional model, session participants are passive rather than active resulting in far less retention and application of the concepts being taught.

Ingenious Culinary Concepts’ approach is totally the opposite. When adult learners are engaged in actively processing information by reconstructing that information in new and personally meaningful ways, they are far more likely to remember it and apply it in new situations.

Our courses are interactive, learner-centered, and collaborative, ensuring we prepare your staff to deliver an experience that rivals that of any major food chain outlet (in terms of customer service).

Management Trainings


Ingenious Culinary Concepts has been training and equipping staff members and leaders for over a decade.

We are in present in school cafeterias every day so we are aware of the challenges and obstacles that foodservice professionals face. This helps us formulate training and processes that are applicable to your situation.

Our interactive, collaborative management courses are specifically designed for the audience of school foodservice leaders (directors, district-level coordinators, school-based managers, and assistants/leads).

Our courses center on the operational processes and practices of top retail restaurants that excel in customer service, which leads to profitability.

Your leaders are given the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge related to the school foodservice industry. Through engaging activities and discussions, participants also examine our industry from a management perspective.

Topics include: empowerment, problem solving, marketing, basic foodservice management techniques, effective communication, and best practices for personnel management. Our courses are beneficial because they focus on operations management and leadership.

Vendor Trainings


We also offer vendor trainings. Vendors/manufacturers are one of the most important partners in the success of a cafeteria, but they are often overlooked and that undermines the whole process of improvement.

We offer support to school foodservice manufacturers to shed light on the challenges foodservice operations face and provide trend data on students’ evolving food preferences. Armed with this essential information, manufacturers are better prepared to offer your school district products that match your unique needs.

Breakout/Education Session Topics


Course #1: “Conquering the K-12 Foodservice Market”


4110 Develop strategic plans and marketing plans that reflect program goals and enhance interaction with stakeholders (MARKETING)

Learning Goal(s):

FNS professionals will be able to:

  • Explore proven practices to increase marketing efforts aimed at increasing student meal consumption
  • Promote school foodservice operations (positively) to internal and external stakeholders
  • Begin the initial stages of developing a marketing plan for their school foodservice operation
Learning Strategies:

Think-Pair-Share; Note-Taking; Jigsaw; Paraphrasing; Give1Get1; Demonstration; Sharing and Responding; Summarizing

Course Summary:

This course is intended to introduce FNS professionals to the fundamentals of marketing. Participants can expect exposure to proven strategies and methods operators can use to successfully function in the school foodservice industry. Building foundational marketing skills will be an emphasis for increasing student participation in breakfast and lunch programs.

Course #2: “Engaging Student Consumers”


4130 Empower school nutrition staff to provide excellent customer service (CUSTOMER SERVICE)

Learning Goal(s):

FNS professionals will be able to:

  • Explore techniques for delivering excellent customer service
  • Recognize and respond to 21st century student dynamics
  • Identify processes to effectively 1) communicate and 2) connect with students/customers
  • Create an engaging dining environment for students
Learning Strategies:

Demonstration; Turn and Talk; Think-Pair-Share; Note-Taking; Give1Get1; Sharing and Responding; Summarizing; Paraphrasing

Course Summary:

This course is intended to offer FNS professionals the tools and techniques needed to provide students exceptional customer service. An emphasis on “making the most of every customer encounter” is paramount in this session. Participants foster skills used to develop customer buy-in and trust resulting in increased student participation in breakfast and lunch programs.

Course #3: “Empowered to Lead”


4120 Promote the child nutrition program (PROGRAM PROMOTION)

4140 Develop communication skills (COMMUNICATION SKILLS)

Learning Goal(s):

FNS professionals will be able to:

  • Identify methods improve as leaders
  • Identify strengths and weakness as a collective team
  • Improve relationship issues, effective work practices or road blocks to high performance
  • Work efficiently and effectively to feed more students
  • Increase student meal consumption and participation
Learning Strategies:

Note-Taking; Jigsaw; Modeling/Demonstration; Think-Pair-Share; Give1Get1; Sharing and Responding; Role play

Course Summary:

In this session, managers will be empowered to make decisions that will positively impact their FNS customers and their program’s bottom line. Attendees will be motivated to achieve the goals set by the FNS district office. Participants will learn communication techniques and customer service skills that will set their FNS program apart from the rest.

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