School cafeterias have long been a source of debate. Some parents and educators argue that cafeterias should serve healthy, nutritious food to help students perform their best in school. Others contend that school cafeterias should offer a variety of food choices to appeal to all students. However, there is one point on which everyone can agree: schools can improve on getting students to eat in the cafeteria.

There are a number of reasons why students choose not to eat in the cafeteria. For some, they never dined in the cafeteria. Others find the environment unappealing or uncomfortable. Whatever the reason, the consequence is the same: students who don’t eat in the cafeteria are at risk for decreased academic performance, weight gain, and other health problems.

As a result of these factors, many students choose to eat outside of the school cafeteria, leading to lost revenue for the school.

A school cafeteria is supposed to be more than just a place to eat. It’s a place where students can socialize, relax, and recharge after a long day of learning. That’s why it’s so important for school cafeterias to offer healthy, nutritious meals in a comfortable and inviting environment. When students have access to healthy school meals, they’re more likely to focus and perform better in the classroom. Additionally, supporting school foodservice programs helps to reduce childhood obesity and promote lifelong healthy eating habits.

At Ingenious Culinary Concepts, we have over 10 years of school foodservice experience helping schools modernize their cafeterias and over 25 years of food and beverage experience. We start by assessing your specific needs and then create a custom plan that will increase student engagement and improve customer service. Our team is passionate about food and we know how to create menus that will appeal to all taste buds. Plus, we’re always happy to get feedback from our customers so that we can continue to improve our services.

We have accomplished many tasks in our school career:

  • We increased high school participation (amount of students eating) by 46% in 3 years.
  • Multiple clients of ours have gone on to win Fame Awards.
  • One of our clients increased participation by over 20% in 45 days while winning a Fame award and being published in 4 magazines. They also won awards for their social media presence.
  • We created and designed the first food truck in School food service.
  • We created and executed a student-centered food-show that has been recognized Nationwide as the benchmark for student food shows.

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Cafeteria Graphics

The typical high school cafeteria is probably outdated and unappetizing, which can lead to students not eating at your school cafeteria. Our experience has shown that when students are given the opportunity to eat in a more aesthetically pleasing setting, they are more likely to eat lunch at the cafeteria.

Ingenious Culinary Concepts offers a modern redesign for your high school cafeteria. We will incorporate your school branding into the new design to create a space that is both inviting and reflective of your institution.

Cafeteria Seating

Selecting the right seating for your k-12 cafeteria is no easy task. With so many different types of furniture to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Not only do you need to consider the function and durability of the seating, but you also need to think about the atmosphere you want to create. Will your students feel comfortable and relaxed in a modern setting or will they feel more at home in a traditional environment?

Ingenious Culinary Concepts has the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide selection of lunch tables, booths, high-top tables, chairs, benches and more that are not only functional and durable but also stylish and affordable. Let us help you create an inviting k-12 cafeteria aesthetics for your students.

Staff Training

It’s no secret that having a well-run foodservice operation is critical to the success of any school. But ensuring your staff has the right training and resources can be difficult. Without the proper training, your staff may not be able to operate at their full potential, which could lead to decreased profits and lower quality food.

Impact Training Programs by Ingenious Culinary Concepts provides your staff with the necessary tools and training they need to succeed. We have customized programs for all levels of staff, from directors and coordinators to frontline workers like cashiers and cooks.

Take a Seat


We look at every improvement as an opportunity to streamline operations and deliver a guest-focused dining experience. We achieve a friendlier, more contemporary atmosphere.

My experience on the front lines of school food service gives me a unique insight into how to design a cafeteria to make it functional and contemporary

Veteran Owned Company


Ingenious Culinary Concepts is led by Kern Halls. Kern started his culinary training in the United States Navy as a culinary specialist. Bringing the same skill and determination to bear on his career in the Navy as he does to school foodservice programs, Kern was awarded with five culinary awards while serving from 1993-2001. He was also nominated to the White House Foodservice Staff.

Our Clients


For over a decade, we’ve worked with school foodservice programs all over the nation to increase participation and boost revenue. From simple changes to complete overhauls, we’ve turned school cafeterias into a place students love to dine.

Virginia School Nutrition Association
South Dakota School Nutrition Association
General Mills
School Nutrition Association of Arizona
Land O’Lakes
McCain Foods
The School District of Osceola County, FL
Loudoun County Public Schools
The School District of Lee County Schools
Escambia County School District
DeKalb County School District
Buford City Schools
American Dairy Association North East
Surry County Schools
Starkist Tuna
Valparaiso Community Schools
Hamilton County – Food & Nutrition Services
Hamilton County School District
Pelham Nutrition & Wellness
Tuscaloosa County
Ware County
Columbia County Nutrition
Dairy Council of Florida
Dallas Independent School District
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Texas Association for School Nutrition
N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Fulton County Schools
School Nutrition Association
Georgia School Nutrition Association
Newton County Schools
Georgia Department of Education
Bibb County Schools

Client’s Feedback


Ingenious Culinary Concepts has transformed the industry. From school breakfast to lunch, we’ve wowed everyone from the food service director to the lunch lady.

Jeremy Berry

Kern Halls never disappoints, his passion for the Child Nutrition Industry and love for children nation wide is unreal. His ingenious ideas on marketing is on a different level. Simple things you don’t even think about. Yet it’s not just about increasing revenue, it’s about really caring for those kids who need you and look up to. Because one day they will look back and think of you.. Be passionate and pay it forward to our next generation.. That’s what Kern Halls is all about. Invite him into your district, think outside the box, find those ingenious ideas and roll with them. It will help you change the world! Help one kid in your life, find that passion change the world and the effects will be unreal.. Kern Halls you inspire me, let the life changing event begin!

Amanda Venezia

Amanda Venezia

Amazing company that continues to inspire me on marketing and connecting with my stakeholders. Kern Halls has done a two day on site with my school district, assessing our strengths and weaknesses and helping to propel us to the next level of success. He is an expert in the field and continues to support us with marketing material. Highly recommend!

Suzette Moe

Suzette Moe, Maricopa Unified Schools

Kern is on top of his game. Great organizer, great ideas - immediately responded to any questions.

Donette Worthy

Director of Child Nutrition, Tuscaloosa County School System

Kern is amazing to work with. He has conducted several on-site trainings with our staff and he was able to keep over 200 team members engaged during the entire training! He has been by far their favorite professional development trainer. He has also been great to work with on projects within our Child Nutrition program!

Dr. Dana Bing

Assistant Director, Richmond County Child Nutrition Program

The website bridged a generational gap fostering communication and collaboration.

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