Why School Districts Book a K-12 Consultation to Ensure Success

Growth begins with maximizing capacity.

One of the biggest components of

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Two-day support visits

Our team begins each Capacity Building service with a two-day support visit. This interactive process is all about side-by-side coaching for the district team to ensure their optimal performance in supporting schools.

During the process, we meet with all of your management and cafeteria teams. Focus groups with students and relevant stakeholders follow, and ideas are gathered on the current climate and the best possible steps forward.

We then process the data we have gathered and convert it into information we use to draft an appropriate and comprehensive plan for your school. Ingenious Culinary Concept’s industry experts serve as mentors, proposing solutions and guiding your team to achieving their best. IMPROVE. LEARN. PERFORM. NEXT-LEVEL.

Needs analysis

Data collection is paramount. The recommendations we make are data-driven, and this ensures no aspect of improvement for your cafeteria remains uncovered. Our creative and experienced team discovers trends and develops proven strategies to overcome obstacles that stop you from achieving success district-wide.

Our goal is to experience your cafeteria operation through the eyes of the students you serve every day.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are key extensions of our data collection efforts. The most important stakeholder in the cafeteria is the student, and through their feedback and insights, we address their preferences by exploring different combinations of menus, ambience, and atmosphere settings to find the right fit.

We focus our attention on making sure we formulate the best strategy to convert your cafeteria into a brand students love to associate with.

We Customize Your Plan for Success

What good is data without ACTION? To wrap up our Capacity Building service, we develop an actionable plan to guide our next steps as a team.

Our customized plan for you will include all the steps we suggest you take to enhance student participation in your cafeteria. Depending on our analysis, our recommendations can range from graphic designs on cafeteria walls and serving lines, to designing a comprehensive and interactive website for your cafeteria.

The grander your vision, the more comprehensive our plan.

Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to lead a plethora of district efforts (in executing proven strategies and developing effective processes) to increase student meal consumption and generate revenue for foodservice operations nationwide. With proper implementation of the strategies we suggest, a return on the investment for your district is inevitable.


We suggest our partnership begins with an INFORMAL analysis in up to three of your schools. This stage includes a two-day visit from one of our industry experts, who will analyze your school cafeteria operation to uncover district-wide improvement opportunities. Trend data on student needs and preferences guides this process as special attention is given to the current quality of products and services provided (e.g., menu, customer service & engagement, overall student dining experiences, etc.).


Once we have identified your district’s improvement opportunities (to ensure quality of service for students), we will craft a customized Action Plan that includes: our recommended trainings, proven best practices and strategies, and revamping plans.

After your K-12 Consultation and Action Plan completion, your district can execute the steps at their own pace and in-house.


As an additional service, ICC can support your district’s efforts to improve at any level. The execution phase includes options for a complete or partial revamping of your cafeteria’s thematic colors, graphic design for the dining room and serving lines, seating arrangements, menu modification, enhancing food quality and service standards, and more.

This is completely optional. Your plan can be executed without any additional support from ICC.


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