Top 5 Reasons to Redesign To Your School Website

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 27 December 2018 / 0

First impressions of businesses these days are created by a well-designed website and something that exudes exclusivity. Hence, redesigning a website is a task that should not be overlooked and be taken seriously so that the expected turnover is achieved. What goes into making a great web design requires substantial time and energy investment and […]

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What Does A Holistic Digital Marketing Plan For Your School Look Like?

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 24 December 2018 / 0

While it has been established that a well-designed website is like a window to your business and serves as your very own space to portray your business in the best possible light, having a website alone does not suffice for competing online. The digital landscape is fast evolving and has become increasingly competitive with time, […]

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The Importance of an Updated Website for Your Business

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 20 December 2018 / 0

In today’s world where the internet is key to getting noticed, a business without an online presence is something unusual and not something we usually hear of in this era of technological savviness. What is the first thing you do when you hear of a renowned brand through word-of-mouth and wish to know more about […]

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10 Easy Steps to Modernize Your School Cafeteria

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 17 December 2018 / 0

First impressions can be everlasting and it can play quite an influential role in transforming student dining experiences. School nutrition programs must have an eye for detail that ensures the school cafeteria is not only aesthetically appealing but is also fully equipped to interest the student customer. K-12 aesthetics is a major part of driving […]

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10 Successful Website Designing Tips for Child Nutrition Website

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 13 December 2018 / 0

What purpose do you think your child nutrition program website serves? A child nutrition website is one key representation of your program in the ever-happening world of technology. It is a lens through which students, parents, staff and other stakeholders interact with your operation. External stakeholders often gauge the credibility a CNP from the way […]

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10 Promotional Ideas to Boost Cafeteria Sales

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 10 December 2018 / 0

As institutions of learning, K-12 dining halls should be a natural place to enlighten student customers and their parents about healthy food options. Instilling healthy meal habits, starting your day with a wholesome school breakfast is what every K-12 school food service program should aim for. You are probably well aware, that many school nutrition […]

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The Complete Guide to K-12 Kitchen Design

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 06 December 2018 / 0

The heart and soul of a K-12 cafeteria design lies in the kitchen. Whether you are laying the foundation of a brand new school’s new lunchroom, expanding on an existing one or looking to remodeling it, you should have the parameters that define an efficient student dining area chalked out in front of you. Designs […]

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5 Steps: How to Design an Outstanding Cafeteria

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 03 December 2018 / 0

K-12 food service programs around the country are facing the ever-increasing and highly competitive challenge of ensuring customer value. A combination of factors go into determining whether K-12 leaders are “delivering on par” as it plays a crucial role in making it stand out from the crowd! Gone are the days when the traditional school […]

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How to Manage Food Waste in School Dining Programs for a More Sustainable Future

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 26 November 2018 / 0

With the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) maintaining momentum and an astounding 30million students participating on a daily basis, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the a mountof food waste generated by K-12 students is estimated to have costs in the millions per year. Food waste is a major challenge plaguing the environment and […]

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5 Ways to Deliver on Personalized Food Experiences

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 22 November 2018 / 0

Creating a food experience that is personalized to a consumer’s unique tastes and needs plays a essential role in retaining student customers and instilling brand loyalty within them. K-12dining services programs shoulder great responsibility when it comes to “standing out from the crowd” and creating a holistic experience that engages the student customer and ensures […]

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Ten K-12 Dining Hall Hacks That Will Change EVERYTHING

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 19 November 2018 / 0

Generation Z is more well-aware and well-informed than any other generation that we have seen and has undoubtedly progressed with time. Hence, creating a holistic experience for this demanding generation requires a sound sense of design and also a thorough understanding of the K-12 target market with regard to what clicks with them. Nutrition experts, […]

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Find your why

Post By Ingenious Culinary Concepts / 10 May 2018 / 0

Do you ever look at your to do list and procrastinate? I always seem to focus my energies on the things I want to do as opposed to the things I have to do. I focus on that which will bring me joy, satisfaction, or sometimes even just a bit of human interaction. Then, those […]

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