Can We Change What Kids Eat for Lunch And Meet Nutrition Guidelines?

Can We Change What Kids Eat for Lunch And Meet Nutrition Guidelines?

During my foodservice career, and as founder and Chief Innovator for Ingenious Culinary Concepts, I’ve seen more than my share of waste in our school lunch programs – both in terms of food and money. Too often so-called new menu innovations simply get dumped down the drain by the students, crushing your profits, not to mention increasing overall food costs. Why did they fail? I believe a lack of prior data and evidence … a lack of awareness of what kids want to eat and how even presentation may play a key role.

This is not a second-guessing business we’re in. We can’t just make assumptions — even if they’re based on commercial or retail results. Kids are kids. They gravitate toward certain types of foods, styles of packaging and portions. When the industry tries to decide what’s best for them – or what they’ll choose to eat – without viable, properly handled research, that’s when everyone loses.

What I’ve learned over the past few years is that kids truly do want to eat right. They are very conscious of nutrition, whether we know it or not!
As the bridge between the manufacturer and the customer, “the student,” in the K-12 school foodservice industry, it’s a much better option to give the kids an opportunity to help us find the right combinations that bring them to the table and improve your bottom line. It could be something as simple as serving a sliced apple with a bit of cinnamon on top in lieu of just serving a whole apple that ends up being trashed.

If you’re tired of struggling to find viable options kids will eat while maintaining and improving your profitability, let us show you strategies that bring students to the table eating delicious, nutritious menu items they really like! We combine focus group research with out-of-the-box promotions to create win-win results all around.

Ready to fill your school cafeteria with enthusiastic diners eating meals they love … that meet predetermined school foodservice and nutrition guidelines? Take a moment to schedule a time for a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss your challenges and let us provide an “ingenious” solution – that really works!

Submit your request here: http://localhost/ingenious/contact/ and suggest several times that will work in your schedule. I look forward to speaking with you.

Kern Halls, Chief Innovator of Ingenious Culinary Concepts, turns empty dining halls into gold mines of student activity! By seeking out and combining just the right “ingredients” to accomplish what many call impossible: Halls gets students to “want” to dine in your cafeterias!

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