Changing what kids eat for lunch doesn’t mean changing kids!

Changing what kids eat for lunch doesn’t mean changing kids!

As founder and Chief Innovator for Ingenious Culinary Concepts I’ve seen a lot of waste in our schools – both in terms of food and money. Too often so-called new menu innovations simply get dumped down the drain. Why did they fail? Lack of prior data and evidence … and lack of awareness of what kids want to eat.

This is not a second-guessing business we’re in. We can’t just make assumptions — even if they’re based on commercial or retail results. Kids are kids. They gravitate toward certain types of foods, styles of packaging and portions. When the industry tries to decide what’s best for them – or what they’ll choose to eat – without viable, properly handled research, that’s when the losses occur.

We’re the bridge between the manufacturer and the customer, “the student,” in the K-12 school foodservice industry. We specialize in strategies that bring students to the table eating delicious, nutritious menu items they really like! We combine focus group research with out-of-the-box promotions to create win-win results all around.

Have you had success bringing your customers “to the table?” Have you used focus groups effectively to provide the answers you needed before launching a new product? Were you disappointed by research methods that didn’t deliver accurate information you could depend on – every time?

We’ve created our new How To Conduct a Customer-Centered Focus Group Kit to address those issues. It’s a how-to kit that includes all the components you need to get the job done right! If you’re not assembling the right team, asking the right questions, using the right facilitator or overlooking other essential points you can sabotage your results – and miss the mark in generating profits!

Want to know more about the rewards of conducting effective Focus Groups? We’ve generated more than $400,000 from Focus Group feedback. We understand the power of this simple, yet strategic marketing tool. And we want you to benefit from it as well.

Have questions about this or other facets of marketing? I invite you to give us a call to discuss your challenges and let us provide an “ingenious” solution – that really works!

Here’s to your success!

Kern Halls
Chief Innovator

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