Checkout ICC’s unique testing system – because it gets the job done right!

Checkout ICC’s unique testing system – because it gets the job done right!

“Kern Halls’ innovative ways of creating a platform to score manufacturers’ new products as well as working with manufacturers to create new products for school food service is totally unique. I would like to see all districts use his testing system as a base because it is unique, successful, measurable and fair to all parties. His goal from my perspective is to increase participation, do it nutritionally and then review price is refreshing.”

Many thanks for your support, John!

John Heenan, a broker who represents various lines, understands the power of getting your product in front of students in school cafeterias and winning them over with delicious menus items they love. His client did that by complying with nutritional guidelines and developing products that were as cost-effective as they were popular.

Working with John Heenan we tested several options, making decisions based on student feedback as well as school system metrics to create the right product at the right time. That’s the Ingenious Culinary Concepts formula for success. Win-win-win on every level!

Our unique testing system takes all factors into account …

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Here’s to your success!

Kern Halls
“Chief Innovator”

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