Client Uses ICC Strategies to Boost School Foodservice Program

Client Uses ICC Strategies to Boost School Foodservice Program

Client Uses ICC Strategies to Boost School Foodservice Program

Amanda Venezia, SNS, Foodservice Director for the Hillsboro-Deering School District recently shared the results she experienced utilizing ICC strategies.

Here are some highlights from her district:
· $30,000 in in-house catering each year over the past two fiscal years
· Last year’s program ended the year in the black $1,085.11. This number includes a subsidy we get from the general fund which compensates us for human resources and insurance losses incurred through our union contracts.
· Focusing on attractive and kid friendly main items while introducing a variety of fruits (We had fresh cantaloupe today. It was on saleJ), vegetables, and exotic grains (We are doing polenta for the first time next week and I am so excited!)
· Whole wheat dessert options made from scratch (ie. cinnamon rolls, apple crisp, brownies)
· Introduced specialty salad options at the middle and high school (They are flying off the shelf!)
· Focused on increasing customer service. Thank students by name when they come up on the POS. I always say, “You could be the only smile that child gets today.”

Ms. Venezia is very pleased with the results she’s experienced in her foodservice program, while maintaining nutritional guidelines and increasing the number of students she serves.

Thanks, Ms. Venezia for sharing your success with us. Keep the momentum going!

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