Fresh Eyes For School Foodservice Programs

Fresh Eyes For School Foodservice Programs

I believe, I’m sorry, I KNOW, I have one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. I am given the opportunity to travel the country and speak to K-12 professionals about how I can assist them in making their FNS programs even better.

The districts I have the pleasure of partnering with WANT to get better at what they do. They know they are not perfect and always have room for improvement. This is where Ingenious Culinary Concepts (ICC) comes in.

Our team brings a set of fresh eyes and experiences from various school districts throughout the country (not to mention data from conducting countless focus groups with key FNS stakeholders, students and parents).

ICC extrapolates this data to give our clients the most current and groundbreaking information to raise student participation and district profits. Why reinvent the wheel? We are able to share this expertise and what we’ve learned from working with other districts to make your job easier and provide you with options you may not have considered.

Without current data, and feedback from students, what are you basing your decisions on for impacting change and seeing improvement? Don’t get me wrong, I know that a vast majority of FNS professionals are seasoned and experienced, but I also know that everyone (veterans and novices alike) need a little assistance (and time to collaborate with other leaders) from time to time.

Two heads have always been-better than one! On a personal note, I also bring the knowledge I’ve gotten from mentors who have helped me to examine how to increase my performance because I am committed to giving those I support and partner with my absolute best.

Improvement is NOT a “one shot deal”. It’s a continuous process requiring everyone’s commitment. Think about your FNS program as a bank account. If you are constantly making withdrawals…you will eventually find yourself running low on funds.

If you are continually making deposits, you will find yourself with a surplus of funds. It’s inevitable.

I have a serious question for you to ponder. How many deposits have you made into your FNS program and staff lately? I’ll let you define/decide what an investment entails, then just think about that question for a moment.

I am not at all saying that you have to use ICC (it would be nice if you did), but you must pledge to invest in making your program better if you expect to see improved participation and increased profits.

I realize K-12 is a niche industry, but you have to do things differently to make new strides you’ll need in order to experience gains, increase and improvement. My recommendation, don’t “go it alone”. Why should you? There’s assistance (and FRESH eyes) available to help you take your FNS program to the next level!


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