Make Health Personal – Guest Blogger Twyla Leigh

Make Health Personal – Guest Blogger Twyla Leigh

Make Health Personal – Guest Blogger Twyla Leigh
This week a submission by my guest blogger!
By Twyla Leigh, Collier County School District, Naples FL

I don’t know about you, but I know that when I am excited about a product, service or business, it is so easy to recommend or even “sell” it.

Child Nutrition employees have the opportunity to “sell” health to our customers. We all get that school meals should be good for kids. We work hard for them to be healthy, tasty and available. Ingenious Culinary Concepts’ Chief Innovator, Kern Halls, shares tools to get our customers to the table and eat our meals. Is there a connection to what we do at home for ourselves and our families?

We need to understand, believe and act on the fact that food is a huge part of our health.

I know that when I eat well – have a simple breakfast, eat fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains, watch portion sizes, avoid sugary foods, drink enough water, etc….. I feel better and have more energy for physical activities that I enjoy.

When I exercise – walk the dog, do yard work, ride my bike, go to the gym, etc……. I feel better and sleep better.

When I get enough sleep….. I feel better and am better able to eat well and exercise.

When I do “fun stuff”, it makes me happy, enthusiastic, more creative and more productive at my job. It all connects!

Today is the day to reflect on your level of personal health. Here’s how:

1. Identify one thing that needs your immediate health attention.
a. More water
b. More fruits and vegetable
c. Portion control
d. Conquer temptations – get rid of and don’t buy empty calorie foods and beverages
e. More exercise
f. Less TV/screen time
g. More sleep

2. Make a plan
a. Give it numbers – how much
b. Establish a time line – date of start and date to access progress
c. Write it down
d. Get help or get a buddy to assist

3. Get not only your hopes up but put it into action – what does success look like?
4. Get excited that YOU can make the change and improve your personal health

When you are excited about YOUR health and the efforts that you are making and the progress that you are achieving, it is easier to be excited about impacting the health of others – your customers.

Kern Halls, School Foodservice Consultant and Chief Innovator of Ingenious Culinary Concepts, turns empty dining halls into gold mines of student activity! By seeking out and combining just the right “ingredients” to accomplish what many call impossible: Halls gets students to “want” to dine in your cafeterias!

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