Self-Service Expedites, Satisfies

Self-Service Expedites, Satisfies

One of the great secrets of life: Make it easier for people to do what you want them to do, and they will.

Kids love to help themselves, especially in the midst of a school day when they may not have much control over anything else.

How can that work in your favor? Introduce grab-and-go carts.

These easy-access self-service spots can make cafeteria lines move faster, reduce waste because kids choose exactly what they want, and even increase participation because, in a student’s equation, convenience = speed = more free time to socialize over lunch.

Of course, stocking a grab-and-go cart can be a labor-saver for cafeteria staff, too.

Carts are not all created equally. That’s why I worked with Atlanta Fixture and Sales to customize a foodservice cart that meets the needs of schools. This rugged cart takes up a small footprint and is easy to move. It is also affordable. Schools even have the option of adding custom graphics on three sides.

To ensure that this equipment is functionally flexible, we designed it with two hot bays and one cold bay. The stainless steel base is 48” wide, but you can expand it by unfolding two 16-inch wings. The base has a storage space with a hinged door and adjustable shelf. It is easy to move the cart for breakfast or other meal service.

As part of its renovation of two high school cafeterias, the Richmond County School System (Georgia) recently introduced grab-and-go carts to cut wait times in line and improve the “guest experience” for students. Their best practices include signage that clearly promotes meals available to “grab and go” and positioning carts in high-traffic, high-visibility areas, with easy access from all sides.

Check out the specifications for the grab-and-go cart I recommend here.


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