Tips on Getting the Most from MealViewer

Tips on Getting the Most from MealViewer

As part of the renovation of two high school cafeterias in Richmond County (GA), we introduced the MealViewer web-based menu management system, which provides digital menu signage and a mobile app that allows families to access and print cafeteria menus.

Operationally, this technology can help schools manage menus. As a promotional tool, it can boost participation by K-12 students. Here are a few ideas to tap the full potential of MealViewer:

  1. Take advantage of the company’s training and refresher courses. The more you understand what MealViewer can do, the more confident you become in moving beyond basic templates to customize the look and feel of your displays.
  2. Promote the app so parents know they can easily access (and print) menus and nutritional information.
  3. Add fun to daily displays with school spirit, such as shout-outs to achievers and inspirational messages.
  4. Take advantage of the multimedia aspect of digital signage by showcasing school images as well as food shots.
  5. Display HD video from sporting events, concerts, book fairs, and other school events.
  6. Take advantage of the multi-lingual feature of the platform to display clear and culturally sensitive menu information to students and families.


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