We’re finally here!

We’re finally here!

I had to take a step back in order to take a few forward. As an advocate for school foodservice and being an entrepreneur, I have to try and balance both tasks… even though they can work together.

But that entrepreneur inside of me sometimes has my brain racing all night and wants me to try and accomplish every great thought or idea that comes to mind. So I had to put him in the “timeout chair” for a couple months. I promised myself that I would start creating YouTube videos by the start of the school year and I did it. I wanted to create an additional method to reach my audience.

In this video, I will introduce myself and explain “what” Ingenious Culinary Concepts (ICC) does in the K-12 market. Then, I’ll share follow up videos on how you and I can partner to influence more students to dine with you.

Plan to receive great interviews with mangers, directors, and I’ll even offer complimentary conference calls. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.

Kern Halls, School Foodservice Consultant and Chief Innovator of Ingenious Culinary Concepts, turns empty dining halls into gold mines of student activity! By seeking out and combining just the right “ingredients” to accomplish what many call impossible: Halls gets students to “want” to dine in your cafeterias!

Do you want to get students to eat in your cafeteria? Do you want them to eat fruits and vegetables? Download FREE proven marketing tips TODAY, a $197 value, visit http://www.ingeniouscc.com! What do you have to lose? Nothing but participation. The clock is ticking… Yes its FREE!!!


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