What ICC can teach you about marketing…

What ICC can teach you about marketing…

Welcome to Ingenious Culinary Concepts. We’re dedicated to bringing your customers to the table. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Repeatedly!

That takes ingenuity. Plus experience, persistence and smart marketing strategies that work.

At Ingenious Culinary Concepts, we do that by knowing our target market, knowing how to talk to them and learning what they like, want and need to keep returning to the table again and again.

ICC is the bridge between you and the end user (the student). As a cutting edge professional development and consulting company, we provide engaging, dynamic and customer focused trainings. We also create innovative marketing/promotion techniques and strategies that “Bring Your Customers to the Table.” Most recently we developed a product for a client that increased incremental sales by 303%!

We’re here to share our proven tips, insights and successes with you. And to initiate programs with and for you. So you get the results you desire in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible.

Watch your inbox for news and marketing tips on how to keep your customers coming back for more, the Ingenious way! We’ll be providing success secrets, recommendations for client retention, case studies and other valuable advice at least twice every month to keep you ahead of the curve with your target market!

So thanks for stopping by and letting us whet your appetite. You can count on Ingenious Culinary Concepts to deliver buckets of tasty morsels that are good for you … and great for growing your business!

Here’s to your success!
Kern Halls
“Chief Innovator”
Ingenious Culinary Concepts

After serving 8½ years in the Navy as a Culinary Specialist he joined the team at Walt Disney World managing a restaurant with $18 million in sales.

Next, to balance my family life I became part of Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in Orlando, Florida, the 10th largest district in the nation. There I was responsible for marketing, special projects and secondary school menus.

Putting my degrees in Business Management and Marketing to work I watched with pride as we achieved many firsts, broke records and brought recognition to OCPS for innovation and student satisfaction! I’ve also written award-winning menus that have increased participation in high schools — the most challenging grade level — by 42%!

After eight SUCCESSFUL years at OCPS I was ready to take one more step forward. And now I’ve launched Ingenious Culinary Concepts (ICC) to bring more customers to your table!


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