What School Districts Can Learn from Lady Gaga

What School Districts Can Learn from Lady Gaga

What School Districts Can Learn from Lady Gaga

I recently read an article that said Lady Gaga was bankrupt because she invested all of her money, which came up to $3 million, into making a stage intended to impress a high-end concert promoter. What an incredible leap of faith she had to believe so much in herself and her talent that she would invest everything she had in order to entice this promoter to give her a shot. Well, it sure paid off! The Chairman of Live Nations global touring division presented her with a check for $40 million. I would say that is an incredible return on investment ROII).

When Ingenious Culinary Concepts goes into a school district and helps develop a product or menu option, or creates a promotion for a manufacturer, we always make the product or promotion completely about the end user “The Student”.

At the end of the day, they are the ones that will make the decision whether or not they will purchase the product or participate in the promotion. A part of my work with many schools, I have performed assessments of school programs to get a gauge of how we can “Bring their customers to the table”.

The majority of the time that involves spending money. Yes, the old adage is true; you have to spend money to make money. You can cut all the labor you can, sell your equipment, serve inferior products and close all of the lines you want but unfortunately, it will not increase your bottom line.

As a matter of fact, we have found that districts who don’t make the investment necessary end up losing money because they have now created long lines, with cheap food and no decor. It may sound harsh but I am just telling you what your customers are saying and how they respond, so don’t shoot the messenger!

Sometimes my clients are a little hesitant to spend money because they fear making a bad decision Point blank that is what it comes down to, because in every instance they do have the money to make the investment in increasing their bottom line through new products and proper promotion.

I’m not at all saying you should invest it all, like Lady Gaga, but an investment will need to be made. I always recommend starting off small and then gradually growing your marketing efforts. I can personally tell you that I have invested time and effort into many schools and have seen the ROI in less than 45 days. If you are hesitant, or need a little help, call us TODAY! We will help you take your program to another level.

Kern Halls, School Foodservice Consultant and Chief Innovator of Ingenious Culinary Concepts, turns empty dining halls into gold mines of student activity! By seeking out and combining just the right “ingredients” to accomplish what many call impossible: Halls gets students to “want” to dine in your cafeterias!

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