You (Foodservice Professionals) Might Be Dying and Don’t Even Know It

You (Foodservice Professionals) Might Be Dying and Don’t Even Know It

As I travel around the country, I often have the privilege of meeting great people from all backgrounds and industries. During this time, it is not uncommon to hear them say they are not receiving everything necessary (resources, support, etc.) to be successful. But, on the other hand-I meet with professionals who say they are “fine” with their current situation. I’ve asked both groups of people if they’re operating at 100%. Both groups said “NO”.

Well, I already knew the answer to this question because I haven’t met a person (or an organization) doing this, “getting 100% without giving 100%”. You can run efficiently, but you will need some type of fuel to avoid running out of gas, sooner or later. This is why you could be dying in the realm of expanding your mind and you might not know it.

Think about these simple equations:
Seed + soil + water= a harvest.
Car + fuel + a driver= getting to your destination.
Water – the human body= dehydration (or even death).

Training/self development + YOU = more sales, revenue, more knowledge!

You are never too old to learn something new to make yourself and/or team better.

Now let’s touch on (school) foodservice professionals. You will have to invest in yourself and staff in order for them to avoid running out of gas midway through a school year. Leadership (especially servant leadership) has to be passed along to your team.

How much have you invested in yourself this year, month or week? Don’t wait for your state and national conference to learn something new. You have organizations, classes, and conferences to take advantage of. If no one offers anything in your direct arena/field…find a retail conference to attend with hopes it will spark new ideas and creativity.

I once attended a conference for the retail market and it was rather costly. I invested $3,500 for the conference, BUT I knew I would find something to energize my thought processes. Before the conference ended, I developed a concept that later generated over $400k in revenue in just 6 months.

It’s your turn to take a step towards a better you. Until next time, live life to the fullest by learning something new every day. Your customers are depending on you, and your livelihood could depend on it!


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